For those of us who are socially isolating, how can we go deeper when it comes to our relationship with ourselves during this time? How can we more deeply appreciate the things we turn to for entertainment?

In this series, we explore self-discovery and creativity. Settle in to experience a meaningful guided meditation written and read by Paisley Madison. Indulge in consecutive movie nights after reading Nolan Henshall's captivating film reviews of some of our favourite films. Uncover your own thoughts and feelings during this uncertain time with Brooke's journal prompts.

*Launched during the first lockdown of 2020 in Perth, Australia.


 Take comfort in knowing that regardless of what is happening in our external realities, we can return to self to find peace within. Be kind to yourselves and have a listen.

Written and read by Paisley Madison

Video by Brooke Henshall



How can we deepen our appreciation for film and turn a regular movie night into an entire experience? Nolan helps us to unpack the meaning and the potentially overlooked details. Have a read and enter your movie night with a new lens.

All film reviews written by Nolan Henshall


“Her is about learning how to love again. It’s about confronting pain, then accepting it, then moving on from it. It’s about being grateful for not just the bliss that comes with life and love, but the hardship as well. We need to experience both. That is what makes us human.”

“This film pushes you to become introspective about your own life. It pushes you to ponder (and potentially re-evaluate) your own ideas of personal success, your own ideas of true happiness, and what exactly that looks like to you, and where you wish to end up, and with whom.”

“So truly, take our memories away from us and what are we? Because, who we are now, our present selves, are a result of the amalgamation of all of those memories that once were, and the lessons learned through them."

“This movie is thrilling and intense, even though a good deal of it is rather quiet and quaint. But even THOSE moments can be filled with a massive amount of tension, as this film constantly gives you the feeling that something is bubbling beneath the surface.”


“If you want to be moved (potentially to tears), if you want to view a film that mirrors real life - even its most heartbreaking and harrowing moments, then Blue Valentine is one for you to watch.”

“This is a film about hope, love, perseverance. It’s excellently shot, sensationally performed; it’s one of those pictures that is just so delightfully close to flawless.”

“You hang on to absolutely every word that is shared between Damon’s Will Hunting and William’s Sean Maguire. The conversations feel real, they’re filled with such sincere emotion, (as well as some moments of genuine, natural comedy). But the words themselves; so much of what is said by Williams is poetic."




Put your pen to paper for greater clarity, to experience a release, and to gain a deeper understanding of self with these simple prompts.

In this moment, I feel...

The biggest way my life has changed since all of this started is...

This change has made me feel...

The hardest part about all of this has been...

Something I have learned about myself during this time is...

In this moment, I'm grateful for...

The thing that brings me the most peace is...

What I want more of in my life is...

A lesson I want to take out of this is...

I believe in myself because...