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2021 Series

An immersive and creative three-part series that explores our relationship with nature.

Concept by Brooke Henshall & Marie Cigna.
With contributions from Adam Kenna, Connor Bottomley Henshall and Jesse Maione.

Acting • Meditation • Music • Photography • Videography • Writing

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2020 Series

An interview series hosted by Brooke that brings together brilliant minds from a variety of creative fields, exploring how these creatives use their craft to connect to self and “come home".

Featuring interviews with Nolan Henshall, Shayla Vaughan, Jac Valiquette, Jemel May, Alpha Kayondo, Brooke Gilmour, and Alistair Bottomley Henshall.

Dance • Film • Photography • Music • Writing • Yoga


2020 Series 

A three-part series released during the first round of lockdown in Australia intended to inspire those in lockdown to dig deeper into mindfulness, self connection and the arts.

Concept by Brooke Henshall with contributions from Paisley Madison and Nolan Henshall.

Film • Meditation • Mindfulness


2020 Event

An event in collaboration with Lululemon exploring film, guided meditation, journaling exercises, and a yoga flow. Created to lovingly encourage those who joined to unfold into their truest selves and set intentions from a connected place.

Concept by Brooke Henshall with contributions from Paisley Madison, Sharna Tuohy, and Courtney Rolle.

Film • Meditation • Mindfulness • Yoga