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“Brooke is expert at delivering a safe, trusting, open, guilt free environment in which to explore your values and emotions. Once unearthed, it’s enlightening and energizing to explore your true purpose and set meaningful goals aligned with such core principles. Since experiencing the workshop I’ve used the affirmation that I developed around my values to refocus and energize on a daily basis. It’s already given me the courage to complete a goal that had plagued me with self doubt for many months. Knowing that your actions are supported by your values is extremely empowering.”


“Brooke’s passion and expertise with guiding you through meditation and exploration of your core values to set realistic and exciting goals shines through during the Just Imagine experience. Prior to this experience I had felt a disconnection within myself and an uncertainty about what made me feel excited and happy. Through the structure of the workshop I left feeling energized, excited and more connected to myself than I ever have before! It was a relaxing and rewarding experience that I could not recommend more highly.”


"My Just Imagine session with Brooke was an amazing experience. It is so much more than goal setting, it is learning how to start the journey of living how YOU want to and how you see it for yourself. Brooke does a beautiful job at holding space and offering her wisdom in a way that guides you and makes you feel safe to share! I would 1000/10 recommend trying a session with a friend or on your own!"


"My experience with Brooke in our Just Imagine call was like no other. In the midst of a global pandemic, I was carrying so much tension and anxiety, but after speaking with Brooke, I felt like so much weight had been lifted. She provides a safe and welcoming space which allows you to connect to your highest self. The mental clarity I had as well as the realizations from this call were life changing. Especially in a time where everything felt so heavy. Brooke is insightful, inspiring, and has a beautiful energy. I would highly recommended participating in what she has to offer."


"Brooke helped me navigate through a confusing landscape on both a personal and professional level. She helped me understand and define goals for myself by guiding me through a series of thought provoking statements and questions. However, the best thing she offered me was showing me that the answers are within - she just helped me get there. Can’t wait to continue exploring my inner self with Brooke!"


“Just Imagine provided the perfect space to be able to connect with my sister and understand her core values and some of her goals. It’s not something you often chat about with your siblings and I feel like it was really nice to just be able to have some understanding of where she’s at and what she really believes in and wants for herself.  I really appreciated Brooke mentioning that there will be roadblocks when it comes to goal setting and it’s important to recognize and prepare for that. Thank you Brooke for reminding me that this journey is a life long one and helping provide the tools necessary to begin navigating to get to where I want to be physically, emotionally and spiritually.“


"Prior to this, I had never experienced any guided visualization. At the time of our call, the pandemic stress was at an all time high, affecting my anxiety and mental wellness. My call with Brooke gave me a sense of relief and reassurance. It was a break from the pressure and uncertainty. It provided me a safe place to be myself and truly find solace and comfort. I would recommend Brooke to everyone I know."


"I loved taking part in the "Just Imagine" experience because it allowed me to learn more about myself and actually come to terms with what I want/value in life! This is something I thought I knew, but after being asked specific questions, it allowed me to dig deeper and come to a true realization of what my goals really are."

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