To Be Honest Journal Challenge: A free 4 week challenge with 28 Self Discovery prompts for honest journaling.

I've written & designed this complimentary 16 page guide with four weeks of prompts as a way to encourage everyone to explore the practice of journaling. The main purpose of this challenge is to cultivate a more honest relationship with Self through intentional daily reflection. By taking the time to ask ourselves a question a day and seeing what surfaces when we put our pens to paper, we can live a more connected life, fuelled by curiosity & the desire to explore our inner landscape. This challenge is designed for curious minds.


Download the free PDF, set time aside each day and get writing.

There are a total of 4 weeks worth of prompts. Each week has a unique theme which I introduce you to more thoroughly in the booklet.


We’ll start with more basic prompts to get comfy with the practice so if you’re new to journaling you’ll ease right into it.  If you’re a pro at journaling, you already know there’s no such thing as a silly prompt — any prompt encouraging self reflection is added value in our lives. If I ask myself every day “how does my body feel?” I’ll always have a different answer. That’s the beauty of being ever evolving beings. Lean into your journaling with a fresh mind as you welcome each new day. Keep that curious mind open, flex that intuitive brain. 


The prompts are simple enough that you have enough room to explore your unique inner landscape & deep enough that you’ll be in for some big reflective moments. by week two you’ll be deepening your practice noticeably. The prompts are general enough that whatever your situation is, you can go as deep as you like in your experience — the journey is yours.

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