Just Imagine is our virtual self discovery & goal-setting workshop, signature to unfold co. But it’s not your typical workshop - it is an experience designed to be truly and deeply transformative.

I'm on a mission to re-define goal-setting by making it more human, more meaningful. We go deeper. We keep it real.


The Just Imagine workshop changed my life and I felt called to share that.



Brooke created the Just Imagine workshop in 2020 after a year of unexpected change. The workshop was initially created in order for her to hit the reset button on her own life. At the time, Brooke was in a place where she was craving fresh ideas, clarity, hope, and direction.


As she began designing a session to support this and the pieces came together, she felt called to take it further. She decided to create something that would speak to everyone, regardless of where they were at, or what they felt they needed. 


Just Imagine is not only about goal-setting, but deepening our understanding of who we are at our core so that we can get clear on re-imagining our own unique pathways in a way that elevates our individual gifts and allows us to live into our unique core values.

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This is for you if

↳  You are lacking motivation or inspiration day to day and you want to amp up your appetite for life

↳  You know what you want in the distant future, but don’t know how to get there

↳  You are a business owner (of any sort) and want fresh inspiration for your business goals and where you’re headed

↳  You are seeking change and you’re ready to open your mind up to new life possibilities

↳  You simply want to have fun, try something new, and tap into a world of imagination